“Tipolitografia Destri Ettore” has been working in the field of letterpress, lithographic and flexographic printing for more than ninety years establishing its experience in food packaging mainly in the dairy industry. The company has always been at the forefront for what concerns technology in order to meet all the standards required while maintaining its peculiar family run feature. Choosing to stick with its tradition as an artisan company has been crucial in order to meet our customers’ needs in both customized products and production timing. Constant and personal connections are one of our hard cores being customers our asset. 

Moreover standardized procedures and good relationships allow us to streamline our work and meet every request.

Our production process starts with the creation of the file followed by a complete check of the wording in order to verify their compliance with the laws in force, should any change be required, the customer is immediately informed and finally involved in any decision about the project. Afterwards, the drafts are realized and submitted for approval and the work is sent to the prepress department for the setting of the plates. Our customers can attend the final printing phase which follows. The technology adopted guarantees quick deliveries. All the goods are delivered directly or by courier.

According to our policy of accuracy and legitimacy, our company has been using only papers and inks suitable for food under the approval of accredited laboratories.

The production process ends with the issue of the technical data sheet which is always provided along with the goods.